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We’re always being told that we need to learn to say No! Or is it just me? Certainly, coming up to the month of April it’s a word I needed to say a lot more than I did! “No! I can’t do that. I’m already over-committed!” But I didn’t. And I had a crazy month. 

But guess what? As I’ve been thinking about how to really calm my schedule down a bit, it occurred to me that I also need to learn to say “Yes!” I’m hearing the need to say “No” so often that I automatically turn down things that actually could be fun or would do me good. Things that would improve my life, improve my mind!

Within the family

Like last night. I nearly said “No” when we were offered tickets to attend a Broadway Showtime in our local theatre. To my surprise, and partly out of guilt for my poor husband who has been sort of shut out of my life during April, I said “Yes!” And I’m so glad I did. It was a wonderful evening of song, dance and music.

I thought for the letter Y we’d look at times we should say “Yes!” So Y is for Yes!

  • “Yes, I’d like to come to dinner.”
  • “Yes, let’s go to see a movie.”
  • “Yes, it would be good to have guests over for a meal or a game or to watch a DVD.”

When did you last say any of these?

How about those traditions?

  • “Yes! Let’s do something different to see in the New Year.”
  • “Yes, why don’t we have a different type of Christmas celebration?”
  • “Yes, it would be good to do something special on my birthday, your birthday, our anniversary . . . “
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Are you expecting visitors?

How about saying yes and 

  • Serving a different meal, or suggesting you go out for a picnic?
  • Sitting around the table (on the veranda if weather permits) and enjoying a finger meal (don’t forget the veggies!)
  • Fetching a DVD you know they’ll enjoy or downloading a film from Netflix and have a home movie night complete with popcorn.

Need a real wake-up in your home?

You can say yes to some things you’ve been saying no to!

  • Maybe it’s time to get that new puppy your kids have been pestering you about. You know? The one you kept saying “No” to? That’s bound to get you up and about!
  • Paint a room, and maybe let the kids choose their color scheme. Creativity with improve your brain.
  • Come up with some new plans for the garden. Getting out into the open air more will do your body and your mind good!
  • Buy a fitbit. (Read more about that here.) This will help you care more for your body.

Learn to say Yes! with enthusiasm.

Cultivate the habit of saying “YES!” when things go your way. That will lift your spirits. It does mine.

I’m saying YES! to my new book that is about to come out.  I’ve been working on Naomi for a couple of years and it is already an eBook, but I’ve been saying “No!” to requests from people to publish it in print as it’s way too expensive. I finally decided to look into it, and guess what? I said, “Yes!” The launch date is July 28th! Woohoo! Or should I say, YES, YES, YES!!!?

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Say Yes to the topics covered in this month’s theme

  • A for Age. Read about how you can cut back on mental deterioration as you get older.
  • B for Brains. See how you can best improve the brain you have.
  • C for Care for and love your body and brain. Where are you falling short? How can you improve?
  • D for Dopamine. What does this do for you? And how can you counteract a shortage?
  • E for Exercise and how you can use it to improve your body and your mind.
  • F for Fitbit which has certainly turned my life around!
  • G for Genetics  which can be a death sentence or a wake up call for you. Which do you choose?
  • H for Hearing Loss. How good is your hearing? See how you can improve your hearing, your life and your mind.
  • I for Inflammation, Immunity and Infection and how you can avoid or deal with them.
  • J for Journal and ways you can use this to improve your life and your mind. 
  • K for Knowledge about ways to improve your life and improve your mind. 
  • L for Learn Something New every day and some suggestions how you can do this.
  • M for Music and ways it can improve your life and your mind. Fascinating study!

Then moving on through the alphabet:

  • N for Nourish your life which will in turn nourish your mind.
  • O for Opportunities! Life is full of them. Look out for ways to improve your life and mind.
  • P for Persevere if you genuinely want to improve your health and mind.
  • Q for Quiet and ways to find this necessary commodity in our lives.
  • R for Retirement – coming soon to a home near you! How to get the most out of it. 
  • S for Stress and the importance of handling it right. 
  • T for Thankfulness which can give you an attitude of gratitude and improve your life and mind.
  • U for Understanding  how important it is to look for ways to improve your life and your mind.
  • V for Variety, the spice of your life, and how to add this seasoning to improve your life and mind.
  • W for Water, it’s pros, its cons, and how to get the most out of it.
  • X for Xerosis, that pesky skin disorder most of us get at some point in time, and how to deal with it.
  • Y – now say YES! to going through these again next month and selecting the ones you’re going to tackle first!
  • Z is for Zipa-dee-doo-dah on Monday!
Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you again on Monday for the wrap-up of the alphabet in the 2018 A-Z Blogging Challenge.

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22 comments on “Yes! Using this word to Improve your Life, Improve your Mind

  1. This is such a fabulous and inspiring post. Agree, we say No more often but we need to say Yes more often to new things, to new experiences and new learnings. Thanks for the nudge, Shirley ♥

  2. A great post, Shirley! I am a yes person, I say yes even when my inner voice is shouting ‘no’! I can’t disappoint people or tell them no. It causes a lot of problems to me and my married life too. But, again, I understand what you are saying. It’s important who you are saying yes to. For your husband, the people who matter to you and yourself, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to say yes especially if you are learning something new or might enjoy the experience. There should be a healthy balance between no and yes.

    • You’re right, Anshu. We need a balance. We mustn’t forget to say No! to many commitments that will clutter our day, but sometimes it’s good to say Yes! to fun things!

  3. Wooohooooo! Congratulation on your book launch, that’s fabulous! 🙂

    And I like your approach of saying YES – I guess it’s a matter of choice. Can’t say yes to everything, just as you can’t say no to everything.

    Enjoy your weekend! One more letter to go!

  4. Just as learning to say No was tough for I would want to appease everyone; now I find comfort and convenience in not doing a lot of things. Maybe I should shake myself up and say Yes to a few things – good one Shirley!

    • Hi SHalini, I’m glad you’re encouraged by the suggestion that you start to say Yes! Of course, that’s to positive invitations! Don’t undo the good of learning to say No! Have a blessed weekend!

  5. That’s truly inspiring! Your post shows the awesome side of saying YES! Thank you
    Congrats on the print form of your book!

    • Hi Sheela. Many thanks for the congrats. I’m pleased with the way the book has come out and I’m looking forward to working on the next book (a combination of two already-published eBooks.) Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Congratulations on your new book, Shirley and you have certainly made April a winning month with publishing and AtoZ. I agree with your post,because you are suggesting ways to say ‘Yes’ which will bring happiness or enjoyment to our lives. I think there is a balance to be found with Yes and No. Sometimes we just have to say No for our own health and well-being or if we really don’t want to do something. On the flipside, we need to say Yes so opportunities don’t pass us by. Only 1 to go, Shirley!

    • Thanks for your input, Sue, and definitely, I’m not suggesting we undo the good we’ve done in learning to say No! It’s as you say/ We need to find the balance. Have a great weekend – and yes, we’re nearly there!

  7. Yes, I’m inspired by your post. What we need to say “no” to is wasting time on blah television viewing and too much time wandering around Facebook. That would give us time to do the fun things you describe.
    Congrats on the book coming out in print form.
    I like how you listed all the A to Z posts at the end of this one. I see a number that I want to visit.

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