A to Z Blogging Challenge ~ 2018. Theme Reveal: Improve Your Life!

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Welcome to the Theme Reveal, 2018.

Yayy! It’s that time of the year again. And I want to assure you this year is going to be a fascinating and encouraging theme for all those of you who want to make the most of your life!

Throughout the month of April, I will be sharing with you 26 posts—one for each letter of the alphabet, which also equates to every day of the month except for Sundays which we get off for good behavior! (But wait! The 1st April is a Sunday, so that day there will be a post.)

The good thing is I am NOT going to be writing about cancer. (In case you noticed Rise and Soar is a website especially geared to encourage and inspire those in the cancer valley.)

The other good thing is all these posts will be super-helpful to help improve your life, no matter what challenges you face (including cancer!) 

How can that be?

Well, are there any of you who don’t want to improve your life?

  • Any that don’t think your mind needs some encouragement?

Possibly the school kids won’t want this, and that’s fine. 

I’m writing for those in the second half of life who are aware their brains seem to be aging faster than their bodies. Although maybe you feel it’s a close race! If that’s you, you long to improve your life as well as your mind. 

  • Or perhaps you are in your first half of life and yet the way you feel, you’re wondering if you’ll ever reach the second half! Is there a way to improve your life even if you’re getting older? Fast!

Maybe your health is not good, or you have a bad genetic picture in your family, and you know—you just know—you’re on your way to trouble.

  • I’ve got a fabulous illustration for you if that’s you! You’ll find it under G!

improve your lifeWho am I?

I am a relatively healthy and active lady well into my second half of life.

I have much to be grateful for, especially as I am a cancer survivor (over 20 years down the road) and I was originally given a negative prognosis. If my surgeon was to be believed, I am 19 years past my sell-by date! (But then, what did he know? The length of my life is NOT in his hands, right?)

  • But recently I’m aware there are way too many times when I can’t remember a word when I’m writing. It’s just there . . . in the cloud . . .  but it’s out of reach.
    • Does that ever happen to you?
  • Or I go through to the study, then I stand there trying to remember why I’m there.
    • Do you know the feeling?
  • Other times, I go to the shops and return with my arms loaded. My husband asks, “Did you get the . . . ?” And of course, you know the answer.
    • Yet that was why I went out in the first place.

And no, I’m not senile. (And I am seriously working on not getting there!)

Do you want to improve your life along with me?

  • Some days I lie in bed fiddling with my tablet, avoiding the inevitable decision that I really have to get out of bed!
    • And sometimes I think maybe I should climb back in and start the day over!

So for the month of April, I invite you to come along with me as I share 26 tips that will help you

Improve Your Mind! Improve Your Life!

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2018: THEME REVEAL! Improve Your Mind! Improve Your Life! Come along with me and improve your lifestyle. It CAN be done! #atozchallenge Click To Tweet

Each post will suggest something you can easily introduce to your lifestyle that will

  • bring more joy or energy into your way of life, or
  • will help reverse the deterioration you sense in your brain’s ability to process information.

Is it possible? Yes, I believe it is. So do some top experts in their field. So with their assistance, I will share some suggestions which surprised me, and I guarantee some will surprise you.

How do you feel about this theme?

  • Let me know in the comment section.
    • Include a link to your blog in your comment and I will visit you back.
      • Link up to this post and visit some or all of the others who leave their links. That way, we encourage one another. 

This is the 4th year I’ve participated in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Two of the other three are accessible through the menu at the top of this page. The third one is  missing in action. I can’t even remember what it was about! (Who knows? Maybe I’ll remember by the end of this month!)

I’m excited about this year. Two factors that I intend to stick to:

1. The posts will all be short.

  • Under 300 words.
    • That’s less than half this one!
    • some will just be quotes or images with a comment.

2. I’ve chosen a topic I’m passionate about.

I hope you will be too!

Let’s see how much we can

Improve Your Mind! Improve your Life!

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  3. Its a very relevant theme and definitely must have been a meaningful experience for you. I hope to read all your posts, You are an inspiration and thank you for sharing:)

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  5. That’s a great theme, Improving life is ever learning experience and there is always a scope of it, look forward to your all posts.

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  7. Wonderful theme, Shirley. I will say no more, except that I am looking forward to this challenge.

    • Thank you Wilma! Now pray I manage to get it done – plus the book that is under a two-week deadline and I leave for East London in the morning for five days!

  8. I’m one of those 2nd-1/2er’s so any help is greatly appreciated! lol Look forward to reading and definitely marking your blog on my list of ‘must reads’. See you soon!

  9. I read your post with interest as this is my first visit to your blog. I look forward to reading your A to Z posts. I don’t think I can stay away from the challenge, even though I’m always much too busy in April. I’ll be writing my theme reveal post soon.

    • Ha ha! Go for it, Kalpana. This is my 4th time doing the challenge, and the second time I definitely wasn’t doing it! But it hooks you. It really is great fun and a fabulous way to grow your blog. Enjoy! Let me know your theme reveal!

  10. I identified with each of the second half of life situations. I think I ‘met’ you during A2Z last year and look forward to reading your posts.

  11. Awasome theme! I think we all need to improve our life in these strange times we’re liveng. One way or another.
    I’m sure you’ll do a great job.
    Have a fantasitc challenge!

    The Old Shelter – Theme Reveal – Weimar Germany

    • Thank you Sarah! I’m sure we’re in for an exciting April! I am always amazed at the themes people come up with. Yours sounds fascinating. I’ve ever heard of Weimar Germany before. I look forward to learning!

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