Age – Do our brains always deteriorate as we get older?

We’re at the beginning of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

As described in my previous post, the theme I’m going with this year is, “Improve your Life ~ Improve your Mind.” You can read more at my Theme Reveal.

We commence the month by looking at

A for Aging – and if our brains automatically deteriorate with age.

According to studies, our brains become less and less active as we age. (Most of us in our second half of life don’t need studies! We know our brains are becoming less active on a regular basis.

“Brain aging is much more about our habits than our age”

according to Dr Daniel Amen, a psychiatrist and world expert in the area of brain development and damage. Over the next month, we’re going to look at different ways we can improve our lives as well as improve our minds. Obviously, if our minds are sharp, our bodies are likely to improve as well. 

Much of these posts will refer to some of the videos on YouTube by this fascinating speaker, so when you get the chance go ahead and watch some of them for yourself. 

We are going to look at 26 different actions we can take to improve our lives and our minds.

Follow along with me, and give some of these suggestions a go, and let’s see if we can all have improved lives and minds by the end of April!

So the first thing I want you to take home from this theme is that you can improve your life. And you can improve your mind. No matter what your age is today, you don’t have to sit back and “get old” in your mind, and often that will improve your life all round.

What about Alzheimer’s?

Am I saying there’s no such thing as Alzheimer’s? Definitely not. But what Dr. Amen says is that many of the diagnoses of Alzheimer’s are not that at all. That most dementia is not as a result of aging or senility. And better still, it can often be reversed.

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This is good news to me, as one generation back in my husband’s family, almost the entire (large) generation were all diagnosed as Alzheimer’s.  They were all mentally “not at home” when it came to their memories. Scary stuff.

Knowing this can be hereditary is not happy news for me. I may add my husband has a better memory than I have, and most of the current generation are fine. We’ll read more about Alzheimer’s, dementia, and their happy companions when we get to G – Genetics!

Do you have people with poor memories in your family that blame it on their age?

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20 comments on “Age – Do our brains always deteriorate as we get older?

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  2. I had a friend whose mother suffered from alzheimer’s and it was sad to see how much the family had to cope. Life is unpredictable any thing can happen; what is important is to take responsibility for our health in every way. Ensuring that we are healthy in body, mind and spirit. I love the image and the quote, its one of my favourite quote.thanks for sharing:)

    • We had an entire generation of family on my husband’s side diagnosed with severe Alzheimer’s, yet it’s almost non-existent in this generation. We actually believe it was a misdiagnosis. So sad.

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  6. I think it’s mostly luck of the draw whether we end up with something like Alzheimers, but we can take some positive steps to keep our brains healthy and active in old age, just in the same way that exercising our bodies isn’t a guarantee we won’t get a disease, but it may help to lower our risk.

    • Yes, Tizzy. Sorry I’m checking to see if I’ve missed comments and I missed this one! You’re right in that a person may still get the genuine Alzheimer’s – but the trouble is so many other “symptoms” that are curable are labeled Alzheimer’s and no treatment followed up on. Our family history has proved this to be true. Blessings on your writing! Here’s my complete list of A to Z posts.

  7. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers and she is in a memory care unit. She seems to be getting worse. She is angry and miserable but she can’t take care of her personal hygiene needs anymore so I was unable to take care of her. I really don’t know what to think about this. She will be 97 in June. I just want her to be happy…

    • Yes, age is inevitable. We can’t stop getting older, and as we age physically our brains obviously get older with us. But as I study the topic I realise there are so many things that “go wrong” with our bodies and brain which don’t have to go wrong! I’m excited with the topic and look forward to learning more.

  8. I am interested in this as my mother in law (90) started to show signs of “dementia” several months ago and it is accelerating – we had her doctor check her for obvious physical causes such as UTI’s or mini strokes (she’s had one stroke already, some 15 years ago) – nothing. And, of course, I am a young senior.

  9. Interesting and thought-provoking. Moses started his ministry at 80 and was as alert as can be. Even his eyesight was 20/20. With God ALL things are possible.

  10. Hi Shirley – I just linked up to start the ball rolling. It was interesting what you said about our brains and aging – I actually believe that our brains age – they can’t stay young forever and I would expect my brain to slow down and to get a bit vaguer as I reach old age. I think what we all want to avoid is our brain aging faster than necessary – and that can definitely be aided by healthy eating and exercise – mental and physical.

    Leanne |
    A for Avoid Negativity

    • You’re so right, Leanne. It’s the same with our bodies. We can’t stay young forever. But there are so many things we can do to prevent premature aging – with our bodies and our brains.

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