I’m an Unbeliever. How can I Pray?

Praying_HandsLord God,

You know I’m not sure how to pray, so I’m reading this out loud to you. I’m in trouble. Deep trouble. I feel as if I’ve lost control, and no one can really help me or understand me.

I’m scared. As you know, I’ve got cancer, and I’m afraid they can’t get it all out / I’m afraid it will come back.

I know my faith is weak, maybe it’s not really there at all. Yet I believe enough to want to ask you for help. You created me. You gave your Son, Jesus Christ, to die for me. So please will you help me to believe, really believe, in you?

Please will you forgive me for my lack of faith, and help me to truly trust you? Help me to allow you to work in my life. I give you as much of me as I can to as much of you as I can believe in. Please reveal yourself to me in a way that I’ll know it’s you. And then show me the next step.

I ask this in the name of Jesus, your Son.


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