Care for and Love your Body and Brain!

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Hello everyone!

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C is for Care for and Love your Body and your Brain!

Doesn’t this sound a strange thing to suggest? Many of us were brought up to not love ourselves lest we be regarded as boastful. Often we heard (or used) the expression, “He so loves himself!” meaning it in the most derogatory fashion. 

And yet, if we don’t love ourselves and appreciate our bodies and minds, we will not care for them properly, and one day we’ll find ourselves in a whole heap of trouble, physically and mentally, because we failed to do so.

And that’s what this series is all about. During the month of April, we will be looking at different ways we can care better for our bodies and our brains! Some of the suggestions are obvious. Many we already know but we’ve disregarded them. Others may even surprise us. 

Do you care? Really?

If I were to ask you, “Do you care for your body?” how would you answer?

You may say you avoid smoking and alcohol abuse.

You may say you exercise, and you even diet occasionally.

But if were to ask you if you loved it? You might give me an odd look. Yet think of all your body does for you.

It digests our food without guidance from us.Our digestive system processes the nutrients we ingest. Our muscles and skeletal system provides the energy and strength we need to walk along the beach or go to the shops. And according to The American Heart Association, at the point I passed my 70th birthday, my heart had pumped out more than 2.5 billion beats! All without my control!

Each day the heart pumps on average about 2,000 gallons of blood and beats 100,000 times. Don’t you think it deserves some love and care?


If you want to watch an absolutely amazing set of DVDs that will cause you to marvel even more at the amazing body you live in, get yourself this set. I’ve only watched the first one so far and my mind was blown away! 

Use Good Fuel

Dr. Daniel Amen points out that no matter how good the model your car is, if you put cheap fuel into it, it will not give you good service. And surely the same is true of our bodies and our brains?

Feed your body or your brain with junk food and one day you will not have the body or mind that you hope for.

We may say we can’t afford to eat well, or take care of ourselves with exercise, golf, retreats etc. But is the cost of illness or dementia not far worse? 

Our bodies need care if they are going to function, and our brains run our bodies! So we’d better learn to love them too! 

A healthy body with a sick mind doesn’t work! And a sick body with a healthy mind can be very frustrating, as many of us know when we’ve been through a time of illness or recovery from an accident.

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You may be able to remember the last time you took care of your body when you’d been caught in a downpour, or had a fall. But did  you care for it when you ladled sugar on your breakfast cereal, or ate your well-blackened barbecued steak for dinner?

You cared for your brain when you put your helmet on before going for a ride on a motorbike, or on your trusty steed. But did you care for it when you sat through yet another gruesome movie, or enjoyed that New Year’s Eve party just a bit too much?

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28 comments on “Care for and Love your Body and Brain!

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  5. Such great points. I think with our 24/7 connected lifestyles it’s easy to forget that our bodies and our brains are working to support us. Thank you for the reminder that self care should be st the top of our list!

  6. Our bodies and brains truly are amazing, you’re right that we need to make caring for them a priority. My own vice is sugar, I know I definitely need to cut down on it and eat a healthy diet, so this is good motivation. Thanks!

  7. Hi Shirley I totally agree that we need to care and love our body – we only get one. I exercise regularly and eat healthy food with the occasional treat. Just got a 100% tick for my health from my recent blood tests so I must be doing something right! Have a great day and look forward to “D”

  8. Loved this post! You are SO right on! We have to love ourselves, but many of us aren’t taught how I don’t think. We are taught to criticize everything. Thank you for this reminder!

  9. It’s never too late to learn to take care of our bodies Shirley. As someone who has an autoimmune condition, I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) what keeps me well and what gives me grief. I know it’s not worth it to neglect my health. Thanks for sharing your wisdom on this one, and I also find Louie Giglio’s resources mind-blowing!!

    • Thanks for your input, Sue. Louie Giglio’s Indescribable video is mind-blowing. I presume you’ve seen that. I just saw the Alive first one the other day and oh wow! I can’t wait to watch the 2nd video.

  10. A very appropriate post, Shirley! In my late 30s, I realized I needed to care for and love my body, because this will be the only thing that will stay with me till the very end. Hence, I exercise, meditate religiously. I also nourish it with good food and thoughts.

    • Great stuff, Anshu! You’ve learned this younger than most and that can only serve you well in the future. Tomorrow I’m looking at Dopamine, a fascinating study I knew nothing about until a few weeks ago!

  11. Sjoe! Two examples to keep you alert, Leanne! My parents were both chain-smokers. They gave up in their midlife. Mum lost her sight and Dad died of cardiac failure in his early sixties.

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