Your Friend has Cancer? Take Care!

Sleeping_while_studyingIf you are a family member or the main care-giver of someone fighting cancer, it is important that you take care of yourself as well. It is possible to spend so much time reading up on the disease and finding ways to help your loved one that you experience information overload.

The computer makes this even worse. You can spend hours scouring the Internet, where there is a vast amount of knowledge and helpful suggestions, that you end up not eating properly, or not sleeping.

I used to spend hours on the computer in the evenings when it was quiet, and ended up with my sleep pattern so messed up I had to put a stop to any evening computer work.

If you’re caring for a patient while doing endless research, you may find yourself lying awake for hours processing the new information. The result is that you’re crabby with the patient and the family, and fail to really give decent care at all.

Your main function is not to become a cancer expert. Your purpose is to CARE. C – A – R – E. By all means take an interest. Look for things that will help. But take care that you don’t overdo it. You need all the strength and patience you can find at the moment. Don’t use it up doing research .  

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