Fitbit Helps to Improve your Life, Improve your Mind. #atoz

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Yesterday, we saw the importance of regular exercise if we want to improve our lives and our minds. 

If you’re anything like me, you don’t find it easy to make exercise part of your routine.

We need to select a time, or preferably more than one time in the day when we’ll be able to do exercise, and then stick to it. This is where I always failed, as I couldn’t afford the time I thought I required.

Enter the fitbit!

One of the best things to enter my life in recent months has been the arrival of a Fitbit! 

I discovered I didn’t need to set aside an hour or two a day! Every step I took counted. Even walking to put on the kettle to make tea. Suddenly, instead of saying, “Rob, when you’re in the kitchen, please put on the kettle,” I get onto my feet and go and put on the kettle myself! Then I walk back and forward in the cottage until the kettle boils. Every step counts!

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Every hour, the fitbit wants me to get up and walk continuously for 250 steps! It sounds a lot, but I’ve discovered if I’m short on time, I can do this in two minutes! 

I brought some of my creativity into play and I have set silent alarms (which vibrate on my wrist) to tell me to start walking 5 minutes before the hour, and then I walk until 5 minutes after the hour. That takes care of two hours’ worth of walks!

In itself, that is good, as it gets me up from the computer and away from the screen for a short 10 minutes.

Walking on the spot also counts. If I walk briskly on the spot for ten minutes, my pulse shoots up and that counts as ten minutes strength exercise!

I’ve put my newly-diagnosed (to me!) OCD tendencies to work here, and I’m being quite paranoid about completing every goal. I’m getting fit, losing weight, and sleeping better!

So am I recommending you get a fitbit? Oh yes!
Do I get paid to promote it? Oh no.

But really? I see this as a total life-changer in my life.


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57 comments on “Fitbit Helps to Improve your Life, Improve your Mind. #atoz

  1. Hi, Shirley – I’m stopping by from the #AtoZChallenge Road Trip.” I am delighted to hear that your Fitbit has been an awesome tool for you. A few years ago, I did receive a Fitbit as a gift, but sadly it stays in my drawer. I am very active (yoga, gym, pickleball, and I belong to three walking groups). Still, I have never given my Fitbit away….just in case!
    Great post!

  2. Nope, I’m not a Fitbit person. But I am a great proponent of getting up and moving. I like to dance to the credit music of a movie, park in the spot incredibly far from the grocery store (always empty!) and any other little excuse to walk the extra steps.

  3. I have never used a fitbit myself (although I did briefly use a pedometer) but I do like to keep tabs on the numbers of my exercise. I know how much I can lift on each weight machine. I know how far I run on the elliptical every day. I also use Pokemon Go to measure the distance I walk to work every day. Keeping track of these things do make me feel better about myself and lets me try and compete with myself every day.

    • Thanks for your visit and comment. I think the most important feature of the fitbit for me has been the hourly reminder to get up and walk at least 250 steps. That seemed a lot, but I can do them in 2 minutes. It gets me up and away from my computer, whereas I used to sit for hours on end without moving. I knew I needed to, but somehow I just didn’t. The persistent vibration on my wrist prompts me to get up and WALK! I admit I have my own little cheat. I do it every two hours. As a full-time writer I find an hourly break interrupted my thoughts too often. But if I dash out my chair at 3 minutes before say 10 am, and return at 3 minutes after 10, my fitbit accepts that I’ve done 250 steps for 10 and 11 am. 🙂

  4. Oh yes, I’ve heard stories about people having to walk the house for a while to get those pesky last steps in. Whatever works, right? One of these days I’ll succumb, and then I can find out how many steps I walk in a day. I bet it’s a few when I’m doing the substitute teaching thing. We’re on our feet quite a lot.

  5. That’s brilliant. I use my phone but I miss a lot of count. Time to get a fitbit I guess 🙂 Kudos to you for completing your goal 🙂

  6. I love my Fitbit, I find it really motivates me to move more and the sleep information is really useful too. I love that it’s compatible with myfitnesspal. Recently, I’ve had an issue with not being able to synch mine with my new laptop. I think I might need to update my bluetooth drivers or something. Hopefully I can get it sorted as I miss having it on my wrist.

    • Hi Tizzy. I do hope you can sort out your Fitbit hassles. I would be so lost without mine too. Yes, the sleep information is very useful. I only sync mine to my tablet, which I rarely take out the house. I don’t put data on it, so it only works on Wifi, but that works fine for me as I can update it whenever I’m at home.

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  8. Now if I could find a way to type and walk at the same time! Thanks for the tidbit of 2 minutes gets you 250 steps! I just got a Fitbit 2 weeks ago and am shocked at few steps I get on a normal day! Mine just buzzed… I’m off to wake up and down the steps!

    • I have got quite proficient at estimating the time I need to leave and walk fast. Only problem comes if someone spots me and stops to talk and it costs me 30 seconds . . .bang goes my success! So I’m learning to allow myself an extra minute!

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  12. I like that it reminds you to walk. I had one, from my daughter, and really (really) hate wearing watches so it didn’t work. My phone has an app but it doesn’t remind me to walk.

    You have me rethinking the Fitbit.

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    • I’m sure the Apple is excellent, Natasha. It’s just that I don’t know it. Whatever make will do us great benefits. By the way, your link is not working.

  14. I think I’ve bought every version the have! Either for myself or as gifts. It’s a great way to get a senses of your activity level and make improvements

  15. One of these days, I will get a fitbit. I love to walk. It’s always an adventure. Today, I walked to the river to take pictures and back, a total distance of about two miles. I’m not sure of how far I walked in the house. I’m kind of ditzy so I take extra trips up the stairs because I forget stuff. Despite my greatly advanced age, I have excess energy.

  16. I am equally lethargic Shirley when it comes to setting a fitness time and till now I used my iPhone to count my steps but the idea of a Fitbit excites me. Trying it soon.

  17. I have arthritis so my exercise is limited but it is important to get up regularly and move about and the fitbit has done that. It also proved to me that in spite if my thinking I was awake half the night I actually get at least eight hours sleep every night – I just have lots of little ‘awakes’. Oh yes, and my resting pulse is 62. I was very impressed with that LOL.

    • Thanks, Dorothy. Yes, it’s interesting. I have found the same over my sleep patterns. I have never so far got eight hours, but I get around seven most nights, with lots of little awakes too, when I thought I hardly slept.

  18. I have a similar device and I must say that it has changed me. Like you, I also have OCD for completing my goals, so this activity tracker band pushes me to walk more and achieve my goal. Thanks to this band, my activity level has increased and that’s certainly helping!

    • That’s great, Shilpa. I don’t know anything about the other devices, but I know a friend has a Garmin. She only uses it for tracking her jogging, so I don’t really know what else it can do. I’m glad to meet another OCD when it comes to goals. 🙂

  19. Funny how we’re all secretly obsessed with numbers and statistics isn’t it? I don’t have a fitbit but I do have a pedometer and I know how far I need to walk every day. Tweeted.

    • You’re right. I hate exercise. I’m too physically lazy! But suddenly, I’m not concentrating on exercising. I’m pushing up numbers and reaching goals. Same results I guess!

    • Great, Roshan. When my son and daughter-in-law first got them I thought they were crazy. Why would I want a watch that counted my steps? But now I’m so impressed with all the other benefits especially to my health and my mind!

    • Val, I’m SO over the moon with mine! As I said to someone else, I hate exercise. It’s too much of a waste of time! But suddenly, I’m not concentrating on exercising. I’m pushing up numbers and reaching goals. Same results I guess!

    • We’ve just come back from a visit to my brother and sister-in-law over 4 hours away, but apart from missing one hourly goal because I was driving and we were stuck behind a large vehicle slugging up a hill, I’ve actually made each one today. I’m chuffed with myself. A couple of times I got out and walked along the highway with my husband creeping the car behind me. LOL! D’you suppose there’s just a tad OCD blood in me?

    • The only time I have found mine “counting wrong” was when one day it announced I had climbed 11 flights of steps – and I knew I had been nowhere near steps all day! But when I queried it, I discovered it can’t tell the difference between steps and walking against the wind! So seeing as how I live in S.Africa’s windy city, I’ve now found myself climbing steps that aren’t there quite often! 🙂

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