When Your Friend Has Cancer

Good friendsCancer is everywhere. If you haven’t had it yourself, chances are a close relative or friend has. Starting today, I’m going to run a series on how to help and understand people close to you that have been stricken by this dreadful disease. 

Everyone is different. We obviously can’t lump everyone into the same category and say “THIS” is how they will behave / react / feel. But my prayer is that as we work through this series together, we will all receive insight into what many go through when they hear those dreadful words, “You have cancer.” We will look at the Cancer Roller Coaster as a spectator this time, and see what it looks like from the outside. We will hopefully see new ways of coming alongside the person we love and giving them the support they so badly need. 

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Starting today, 1st September 2015, Not Necessarily a Death Sentence! Ways to support and encourage, a new post will be here every Tuesday morning 7 a.m. S.A.Time . (GMT+2) 

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