I Know That I Was In His Plan

Bible 5Scripture has made clear the incredible thought that each of us was in the mind of God—before we were born. That is why I believe I was. I also believe He had/has a plan for each person born and, in fact, allowed and gave life to each one of us. So great is His LOVE to us.

(Scriptural Proof, IF WE NEED IT: Job 10, Isaiah 43, Psalm 139, Jeremiah 1:5, and how about Joseph,, Esther, King David., all in the OT, and Paul in the NT? There are so many.)

Consider the examples of people in the Scripture, beginning with Adam and Eve. Maybe it is one reason God gave us insight using those examples!) What a wonderful gift is the knowledge that God knows us! (May be sung to the tune of “Danny Boy”)

“Oh, Wondrous Shepherd, I am just a wand’ring sheep
You came to live, and die for all mankind
You saw me long before I knew you as my God
You chose my way, for I was in Your Plan!

Oh Wondrous Love, far greater than my words can tell
When I remember, what You’ve done for me
You took a wand’ring sheep and have redeemed my soul
And with your Love, You set my spirit free!

Oh, Love of God, so pure, so free, so wonderful
Oh, Precious Blood, ‘twas shed on Calvary
I never can, by human wisdom understand
Yet this I know, that I was in Your Plan!

This Precious Shepherd came from Heav’n to give me life
He lived on earth, and showed me how to die
He came a babe and walked the roads of Galilee
He lived a man, and brought me victory.

Oh, Praise His Name! This Shepherd lives for-ever!
He’s there for us, and longs to hear our prayer
He sees our needs and satisfies our heart’s desire
Though wayward sheep, yet we are in His Plan!

This Very God, the One Who gave His life for all
Will intercede, as long as earth shall stand;
And when someday, we see Him face to face at last,
It will be then–we’ll understand His Plan.

Oh, Wondrous Shepherd, I am still a wand’ring sheep
Take Thou my life, and make it all Thine own
None other can compare among the gods of men
Twas Calvary where all Thy love was shown.

That plan of Thine, which brought salvation full and free
Will stand through time, and all Eternity
For God’s Great Grace that purchased and redeemed my soul
Has proved to me, that I was in His plan.

(©Myrtle Virginia Thompson, 2005, aka Jenny Thompson, mvtgrt@gmail.com)    

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