Double Mastectomy instead of a Vacation

kim-harmsMy name is Kim Harms. I turned 40 on December 20, 2015 and was diagnosed with breast cancer on January 20, 2016. My husband and I were hoping for a tropical vacation to celebrate entering our 40s, but instead took a trip to Iowa Methodist Hospital for major surgery.

I underwent a bilateral mastectomy on February 25 and am still in the process of reconstruction. Earlier this spring, I was told I may need chemo, but received test results a couple weeks ago that showed it would not be necessary! Hallelujah!

I will be starting on a 10-year prescription of Tamoxifen next week, and will have surgery in July to complete my reconstruction. Beyond that point, I will just have regular check-ups with my oncologist to make sure there aren’t any rogue cancers cells growing again in my body.

God has been so good to me through this whole crazy (and often awful) process. I have seen my three boys mature before my eyes. And my husband has been absolutely amazing, helping me with things I didn’t think I would need help with until I was 80.

Shortly after diagnosis, my aunt gave me a copy of Strength Renewed. I have to confess I have read it more as your story than using it for daily devotions. Some days I didn’t read it at all. Other days I read 10 at a time. Often God used your words to give me just the encouragement I needed. During the period of waiting, wondering and trying not to worry about chemo, I read several of your chemo stories, and they made me feel like I could do it if I had to. God hasn’t left my side for any of this bumpy road so far, certainly he wouldn’t leave me during chemo either.

Thank you for using your words to bless me during this very difficult year.


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  1. I am so glad you found encouragement through the words of Strength Renewed. I greatly admire your bravery in facing a double mastectomy – and then reconstruction. I pray it will be a great success. Every blessing – and keep in touch?

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