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I always thought to improve my life and improve my mind sounded like a lot of work, and not at all fun! Then I started following this theme, and I got more and more enthusiastic. It can be a lot of fun!

By nature, I love to learn. Understand, this was not a trait when it came to school books and homework! This is a much more recent trait. But I love to face a challenge and master it.

At the launch of my first book, my younger son gave a brief talk. In it, he made the observation that his mum loved to learn new crafts, and for the next year or two it was easy to decide what to give me for birthday and Christmas gifts. But once I mastered the craft, I moved on to something new, and the family had to struggle to catch up.

The audience loved it, and I was intrigued. Was that really true? The more I thought of it, the more I realized he was right. What’s really cool for me now is that I’ve discovered it ties in with my desire to improve my health and mind. However, it’s not a case of working on it until you’ve mastered the task. According to research, we should learn something new every day.

Keep your mind engaged on new things!

This means not just repeating the same thing, because once your brain has figured out how to do it, all it does is get better at it!

So look for new things.

Of course, if you’re an author, blogger, marketing guru, or anything else that uses computer techniques, it’s almost a given that you’re learning new things regularly! Computers seem to do that. As soon as you learn how to do a task, Windows updates and changes the layout, Amazon brings in a new rule, Facebook changes its setup, or of course your hard drive crashes!

Video games?

Playing the same video game over and over does no good! If you need to play games on your computer (or Play Station or Nintendo etc) you need to constantly change your games and learn new techniques and rules.

Try a new hobby or craft with variety

Because I’m a writer, I decided to learn to make my own covers. That involved learning Photoshop. Then I had to learn how to format for Kindle. And now I’m working on my first South African publication. Each day involves something new.

An A to Z challenge like this one is also good. Every day I’m learning something new . . . and hopefully so are you!

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29 comments on “Learn Something New to Improve your Life, Improve your Mind. #atoz

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  6. Learning is always fun. Life doesn’t stop being fun. There’s always a charm and a sense of wonder present there. Wonderful post up there. I don’t really like video games, but last year i spent quite sometime doing Paper quilling. It was awesome. Making earings and pendants out of paper was really fun….

  7. I’ve joked that since I started my blog I’ve learned more than I ever knew was even possible. Since I hate crossword puzzles, this is even better.

  8. I agree, Shirley. Learning something new as often as possible not only proves to be a great workout for the brain, it also keeps us young at heart! Learning is a life long process, and to keep at it not just lengthens our lifespan, but also makes our Life more satisfying. More complete.

    • Yep, we need to keep learning. For me, that’s not too hard right now as I’m surrounded with computers that seem to want to keep me young! (Or age me prematurely!)

  9. Photoshop can be confusing and is definitely a skill. I’m only a novice but I completed a few collaborations with my mom who is much better with the program and it is a lot of fun.

  10. Great post. I totally agree – keep learning and developing. I’ve only been blogging one year and have learned soooo much.

  11. You are definitely inspirational with all the stuff you tackle Shirley. I’m proud of myself when I achieve something technical with my blog. When I swapped from http to https recently and managed to figure out how to fix the little errors that were getting in the way of achieving the magic green secure lock I was sooo proud of myself (I think my husband thought I was nuts!) Things keep changing and it is good for our brains (even if it tries our patience) Pinterest has changed again today – new format etc – crazy!

    Leanne | http://www.crestingthehill.com.au
    L for Love Yourself

    • You are so right about the way we stretch ourselves. I also had “fun” with the https change over. I got more and more frustrated and then suddenly I had the green padlock and yes, I was so excited! Have a great day!

  12. I totally agree Shirley and as you mentioned on my blog we are on the same wavelength with L. Learning new things expands our horizons and I might ask for some tips on a book cover in the future. I’m thinking of putting something together. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Thanks for your visit, Sue. Re book covers, this has been a real learning curve for me. The e-book cover was fun to do as it’s just the front cover. I had no idea what I was biting off when I tackled the things I needed to learn for the print version. Still, it’s all good for us, right? Hopefully next time I’ll be more switched on and it’ll go faster! Have a great day!

  13. I have been itching to learn something new myself. There’s so much I always wanted to learn as a child but never took up..now is the time!
    Just this week I’ve joined a gym so as of now I am learning to take better care of my health and fitness. But a new hobby is on the cards too.

    • Great Mahak! You’re on the right track. And you don’t need to learn it all at once. When you take up a new hobby, aim at learning one new thing in that connection each day! Have fun!

  14. Yup – a wonderful way of keeping yourself young and your mind active. Shall pass on that bit about computer games to my son and hope he’ll take the advice.

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