Living in Victory: When Cancer Seems Out of Control

Elizabeth Jolley


So often, testimonies from cancer survivors are from people who are now well.  Today, I’m honoured to be able to share with you the testimony of a lady who is fighting metastatic cancer. She too is a survivor. She has survived the diagnosis and initial treatment. But the cancer has spread.

If you’re in that situation today, read what she has to say and take courage. If you have a friend in this situation, please share this with her. 

Shirley, you asked me one time what I would suggest telling someone newly diagnosed with metastatic cancer, what I’ve learned from my experience. Here are some things I would tell her, provided she is also a Christian. *

  • God is still in control.
  • Take each day one at a time. Take what Jesus said about not worrying about tomorrow seriously.
  • Continue to count your blessings. If you don’t already, start counting them daily. Nothing is too small.
  • It’s OK to cry, get angry, even have a pity party occasionally. You need to mourn the life you had planned and the people you will leave early. Just don’t stay there.
  • Continue to live, to enjoy life, but be realistic about making adjustments if you have to deal with side effects like fatigue or joint problems
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your oncologist – or to complain. Sometimes there are things they can do about side effects that can help your life be more normal.
  • Don’t forget about the rest of your health. The healthier you are otherwise, the longer and better you will tolerate treatments.
  • Remember, not every headache is brain mets, not every bone ache is bone mets . . . . see number 2 about not worrying.
  • Do special things to build memories with the people you will leave behind – spouse, children, grandchildren . . . for their sakes.
  • Remember, our true home is Heaven with our Lord. 

Elizabeth Jolley

Thank you so much Elizabeth! Every blessing as you continue to live in victory with Him.

* And if she’s not a Christian, please refer to The Unbeliever’s Prayer and encourage her to pray it with you.

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