Music: How does it improve your life and your mind?

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 Today we look at M for Music.

Does it do any good for us, apart from blocking off outside noise, or giving us something to cheer us up?
I’m a musician, yet I was amazed when I discovered some of the attributes we gain through listening to music.


Music improves our minds when it

  • improves our moods
  • reduces our anxiety
  • creates feelings of joy and happiness and helps brain-injured people recall memories

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Music also affects our bodies when it

  • relieves pain
  • boosts our immune systems
  • reduces the need for pain killers and anxiety before, during and after surgery
  • and improves surgeons’ abilities when they’re operating!

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But don’t take my word for it. 

Watch this fascinating video clip.

(Don’t just listen. Read! It’s not long.)

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  3. Hi, Shirley. Your post about music caught my eye while I was scanning the list of “m” posts for the challenge. Mine was about music, too. Did you know that they are using music therapy with dementia patients now, and it’s proved to be great therapy? Music helps them remember things that were otherwise lost. Pretty cool stuff.
    Kimberly |

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