Nourish your Life, Nourish your Mind #atoz

Hi all you lovely people!

Today we’re looking at N for Nourish your Body and your Brain.

When we think of foods that are good for us or bad for us, we tend to think of the physical “us” don’t we? Will it make us fat? Will it cause cancer? If I take too much of this will I go out of control (drugs, alcohol) etc. But what about our brains? Once again, we don’t seem to give that much thought. Today, I hope to open your eyes to a couple of things we need to beware of.

Because of space, I’m only going to mention some suggestions, but I do suggest you research some of these for yourself. (See some suggestions on how to do this under K for Knowledge.)


A big no-no. It spikes your blood-sugar, causes fat to develop, and according to Dr. Amen, kills off brain cells in the memory section. 


Even if you’re not technically gluten-intolerant, cutting back on gluten will help you with clarity of mind. This is especially true in cases of schizophrenia, autism, ADD, and other mental conditions.


Soybeans are highly controversial, but a great deal of soy is genetically modified. Some studies say it reduces heart attacks and others say it doesn’t. While they are rich in micronutrients, they also contain phytates which block absorption of minerals. Soybeans are also rich in Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can cause problems. So all round, not a good idea.


Unfortunately, this has a very poor fatty-acid profile.  It is a grain, not a vegetable, and is generally unhealthy for us. Yet here in S.Africa we love our “mealies” – or corn on the cob. Yummy!

So what can we eat to nourish our bodies and brains?

Fresh vegetables

You knew I was going to say that, right? Especially good for us are the green and the bright colored veggies. A little fruit each day is okay, but don’t eat several pieces a day, as that is again consuming huge amounts of sugar.


These are great in small proportions, as are nuts and seeds. So too are coconut oils and flesh.

Guacamole (avocado pear)

And here’s your surprise for the day! This fruit has the reputation for being fattening but in fact it can help you lose weight! One-fifth of a medium avocado, or about one ounce, has only about 50 calories and provides 20 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, while the monosaturated fat (good fat) in avocados may help your body trigger a hormone which could help tame your hunger.

Herbs and spices

These are excellent ways to nourish both our bodies and our brains, not to mention adding to the flavor of our food.

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Don’t skip breakfast! 

Even if you’re not hungry. People who don’t eat breakfast have a battle to lose weight. (Shirley, are you reading this?) I have a drink of freshly-squeezed veggie and fruit juice every morning of my life. (See vegges for breakfast.) But I am now adding protein each day to my early morning start.

Think ahead.

Tara Amen (Dr Amen’s wife, a nutritionist and RN) recommends we have a small quantity of protein several times a day. 

Cook as you did when there were kids in the home (if yours have fled the nest). In other words, always cook extra – then you have lunch for the next day, or nourishing scraps for breakfast.

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14 comments on “Nourish your Life, Nourish your Mind #atoz

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  3. Ah, my favourite “take away” from your post is the bit about avocados. Love them. Do you think if I eat lots every day, I can get to look like Twiggy? 🙂

  4. I’m doing the 16/8 diet and I now skip breakfast and morning tea – it hasn’t made much difference but it’s easier than skipping dinner (I’d never eat a vegetable if I stopped eating dinner!) I’m also looking at the evils of sugar in processed foods and doing my best to keep that under control.

    Leanne |
    N for Never lie

    • I’ve never heard of the 16/8 diet, but I easily skip breakfast too until I realised that may be why I can’t get rid of some extra pounds! Now I discipline myself to eat a small bowl of bran with yoghurt each morning. Oh, but I always have a glass of freshly squeezed fruit and veggies first thing in the morning. That I’ve taken for about 19 years.

  5. I fully agree with you on so many of these points, Shirley. Especially not skipping breakfast and eating our greens. Just being diligent about what we have in our plate as opposed to what we wish we could have (junk), will make a lot of difference to our health.

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