Persevere if you want to Improve your Health, Improve your Mind

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The A to Z  challenge was a crazy month,

For the month of April we experienced a never-ending cycle of blogging, reading and commenting on other blogs, and researching for the next post.  I think we were all glad when the month drew to a close. 

My theme for the challenge was “Improve your life, Improve your mind.” And I truly believe the topics need to be put out there one more time. Nowhere is this topic more relevant than when you’re facing a huge challenge in your life like retirement, marital problems, health problems in your family, and especially cancer!

For that reason, it’s my intention to revisit each of the posts and invite folk who didn’t read them at the time to visit them now. And if you did read them before, if you were reading at the speed I did during the month, chances are you will find new thoughts to encourage you.

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Although the key purpose of Rise and Soar  is to inspire and encourage those in the cancer valley, whether as patients, survivors, caregivers, family or friends, this series applies to everyone. If you are interested in making the most out of your bodies and protecting your minds from the potential harm of aging, you need what they have to offer. So read on!

My life is full of unfinished projects.

How about you? Getting started is the fun bit.

I love to get started. But then I get distracted onto another equally fun challenge, and I forget about the previous one. More commonly, I don’t forget. I always plan to get back to it, but there just isn’t time to keep juggling all the balls I have in the air!

Yet, if we’re going to improve our lives and our health, we need to persevere! And that’s where we need to persevere. Persevere in eating well. Persevere with exercise. Persevere with positive attitudes. And persevere with thinking right!

Sometimes it’s more obvious

It is obvious if we’re trying to lose weight, and we diet for a week then lose interest, we’re not going to shed those pounds, right? But what about our minds? Dr. Amen reminds us that our brains don’t get sick in one way, and they won’t get better in one way.

Our brains don't get sick in one way. So we can't expect them to get better in one way. Dr Amen. P is for Persevere! Read more here: #AtoZ Click To Tweet

So if we want to heal our brains in any of the ways we’ve looked at over the past days, we’re going to have to persevere. 

Challenge to Persevere

Perhaps we’ve been challenged to keep learning new things every day. Well, the challenge didn’t say every day for a week. Or every day for a month. No, it talks about every day as in forever  . . . persevere!

Sometimes that becomes a real challenge—like for me this month. I had a book deadline to meet. Naomi – Beloved Mother-in-law was due at my publisher by Friday 13th April. In the meantime, I continued to churn out posts for this A to Z Challenge which I”d committed to. I’d hoped to write them all in advance, but only a few were ready when April dawned.

So throughout April, while finishing off my book I’ve had to persevere in writing, editing, scheduling blogposts a day in advance, and then following up the comments.

Other distractions get in the way

During the first week of the month, I visited my brother and family in East London, a five-hour drive from here. The second week, I was on a writing retreat, completing my book that was due at the publishers the first day of the third week. (It scraped in during the final minutes!) And I spent the third week with my son and family four-and-a-half hours away from home in the other direction to my brother. 

During that time I hit the first of three health crises with hypertensive crises. Could I have avoided those? Yes, I believe I could have. I allowed April to become such crazy weeks of overload, that even while I was encouraging all my readers to take care of their minds I was neglecting my own. Not because I wasn’t eating properly or exercising. Simply by demanding way too much from this poor overworked body and mind!

A few times I thought of giving up the A to Z challenge, not because I wanted to but because it just didn’t seem possible to keep up the pace. Yet I kept pushing myself, and from the challenge point of view, that was good! [But in hind-sight, something should have been put on the back burner!]

Buzz Word for today!

So our buzz word for the day was P is for persevere! 

How are you doing with this in your life right now? Is there an area where you know you need to persevere? I end with a repeat of the above challenge. 

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13 comments on “Persevere if you want to Improve your Health, Improve your Mind

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  2. I am so sorry, Shirley! In the excitement of seeing our similar topics I just commented with your older post in mind! Apologies!

    True, perseverance is what takes us through Life. I had decided on doing the A to Z in January, but mid way through working on the posts, some domestic issues crept up, and I was so tempted to give it all up. But, I felt that I owed it to myself, more than to others, to begin and complete the A to Z. I decided to write the posts as I had planned. Typing the posts, at times, felt like a punishment, but, if I didn’t complete what I had begun, how would I feel about it after a few months when I would look back at my blog and see the unfinished blogging challenge? And, so, I persevered!

    • Great that we had the same P, Shilpa, and also we’ve had similar experiences. I also nearly quit the A to Z before I started due to a stressing book deadline that cropped up. But I reached the deadline and I’m still in the A to Z so again, it’s a great feeling. Now to face the tough letters in a few days! Q is for Quiet!

  3. Hey, Shirley! My words for today’s letter P are Patience and Perseverance!! Of course, my post deals with how I persevered in creating my blog single-handedly, with no knowledge of technology, whatsoever!
    True, perseverance is so needed when it comes to taking care of our health, too. WIthout it, how are we going to ensure we stay fit?

  4. So right, Shirley. It is important to finish what we start because it sets the whole tone of our lives. Guess that’s why I keep slogging on with this challenge. It’s time-consuming and came at a hectic time. Still, let’s keep on keeping on! The end result will be worth it. Always is.

  5. I am persevering with my personal set of problems – your schedule leaves me breathless though, Shirley. Pushing through is so rewarding, though. I can look back at my life and what may have happened at certain points if I hadn’t done so.

    • Yes, Leanne. We said last month we were going to be well prepared – and you made a good start. I didn’t get there. But yes, it’s good to look back and see what we’ve achieved.

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