Quiet can Improve your Life, Improve your Mind

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If you were asked to come up with one word that summed up the world today, I am sure of one thing. You would not choose the word “Quiet.” Many people will read this blog today, folk from all different parts of the world, different cultures, beliefs and customs. Yet unless you are a monk, it is unlikely your life is quiet.

Are you still wanting to improve your life, improve your mind? Q is for Quiet!

Sometimes life gets so noisy it’s tough to know what we’re meant to be doing or to concentrate on the task in hand. Yet deep within, there is often a yearning for a place of calm, somewhere we can just “chill out” and not have to work or even think about working. Being quiet, really quiet, is an important and integral part of improving our lives and our minds. 

Yet making time to “be quiet” is often seen as an unaffordable luxury. After all, how do you respond if you ask someone what they’re doing and they respond, “I’m being quiet!” Surely that means they’re not accomplishing anything?

Actually the opposite may be true. By being still and retreating from noise, sometimes we accomplish more than we would do if we were multi-tasking or working flat-out to a deadline.

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Christians are strong on the need to have a regular Quiet Time—when we read our Bibles, spend time in prayer, and perhaps most important, sit quietly and enjoy the Lord’s presence. Why do we have to talk all the time?

Yet we all need times of peace and calm, not only in the spiritual sphere. When we retreat from our hectic lifestyles,  we  allow our bodies and minds to experience a number of different benefits. Here are just five. Can you think of more?


We need times of solitude and uninterrupted peace, so we can renew and refresh our bodies and our mind. Even machinery needs down times for maintenance and repair.  


Sometimes a period of quiet allows God to speak to us through our subconscious. Inexplicably, we remember something we have forgotten, or we know the solution to a problem.


Quiet gives us a chance to meditate on the Lord, creation, the good things of life. It allows us to be grateful for all the blessings we might otherwise overlook.


Sometimes, just allowing peace to flow through our bodies and minds can in itself promote healing. No noise.  No decision-making. No deadlines to meet. If you’ve been ill, it’s a great exercise to sit or lie quietly with your eyes close and visualize God’s healing spirit flowing through your veins, along your limbs, through your heart and into your brain.  


If you set aside a regular time to be quiet, it will help to cut into the craziness of life and establish what is important and what can wait a while, or even be put aside. 

God’s word sums it up beautifully:


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16 comments on “Quiet can Improve your Life, Improve your Mind

  1. Quiet tends to unnerve me, actually. While it is useful, I don’t quite like it. I find it easier to work with music or garbage television in the background. I sleep with a fan making white noise. I don’t know what it is that I can’t stand quiet while I still love solitude.

  2. I have sensory processing disorder and noise is pain. So silence is much appreciated. It’s helpful for prayer, too… to be still and in God’s presence and to listen for a quiet voice, instead of always speaking.

  3. I could use some quiet right now!! Hectic pace. You are so right, Shirley, taking time out is essential for our well-being, physically, mentally, socially, and especially spiritually. We were never meant to spin like tops!

  4. Quiet is definitely a lovely thing and I am sure is necessary for good health.
    fellow A to Zer – link above

  5. Stillness and quiet are definitely lacking in our fast paced world Shirley. The think I love about only working part-time is that I get to enjoy chunks of time when it’s just me alone with my thoughts. I might choose to read, or to think, or to pray, or to just sit in the peace of a sunny day with a cup of coffee – all are so good for the soul.

    Leanne | http://www.crestingthehill.com.au
    Q for Quality not Quantity

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