Stress and How to Improve your Life, Improve your Mind #atoz

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We all know the image of the zebra who is busy losing his stripes. His comment is, “I think it’s stress!” How many of us  have been in that situation where we feel as if we’re losing our  stripes?

A common wish for many of us would be to live a life free of stress. and yet that would not be good at all for our bodies or our minds.

Stress  can be totally normal, like before an exam  or an important production. Sometimes it motivates us to focus on work, yet at other times, it causes us to become overwhelmed so that we  can’t concentrate on anything.

So what’s the difference between good and bad stress? There are countless articles and books written on the topic, but let’s see if we can wrap it up in a short teaching and a video.

Good stress:

  • Activates the flight or fight response which may save your life.
  • Can help you meet daily challenges
  • Motivates you to reach your goals.
  • May help you accomplish tasks more efficiently.
  • Can even boost your memory.

Bad stress over a prolonged period:

  • Weakens the immune system
  • Causes high blood pressure
  • May bring about excessive fatigue, depression and anxiety
  • May be harmful to your heart.
  • Can harm your arteries and
  • Cause problems to how their cells regenerate.

So what to do about your own stress levels?

Dr Daniel Amen has produced this short 2 minute video clip where he covers the topic far better than I ever could. Do yourself a favor and listen carefully  to it.

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18 comments on “Stress and How to Improve your Life, Improve your Mind #atoz

  1. I agree that there’s good stress and bad stress. Good stress is absolutely essential for motivating me through things like exams and dance performances-the adrenaline seems to make me perform better. But the kind of stress that grinds you down daily with no let up is just toxic. I had an awful time at a previous job because of that, I was so stressed that I became physically ill and borderline anorexic. Thankfully, I switched careers and have a much less pressured and more friendly work environment. I regained my sense of self and feel like I’m flourishing again. I think it’s important to look after our whole wellbeing-physical, psychological, social and spiritual as they are so closely intertwined. Although I’m not religious, I connect with my ‘spiritual’ self through meditation, relationships with others and surrounding myself in nature.

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  4. I appreciate the way you have classifies the stress as good and bad. There is stress every stress in our life. The moment we start thinking too much of what is needed, we experience the stress. Too much of anything is stress. I can say many things. Glad i came across this post. Will write on this topic after the challenge. Your may wish to have a look at my post, U for Undo

  5. So apt for today’s life, Shirley. We all go through stress for something or the other in our life. Even little kids are not spared. They are perpetually stressed because they need to write neatly, finish their assignments on time, go for extra curricular activities and excel at them.

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  7. I suppose that a totally stress free life would be boring. I wouldn’t mind experiencing that every now and then. That might be a silent retreat???

    But… the suggestions for handling stress are great. Much better than my technique, which is to eat everything in sight and wonder why I’m gaining weight, lol.

  8. Responding to # 2 here. I had a blood pressure crisis on Thursday night while staying at my son and daughter-in-law’s home. Despite the lateness of the hour my son drove my husband and I in to the nearest hospital (over half-an-hour away on a dubious road to save my husband doing the drive) and remained with us for two hours. I was then admitted and they returned to his home. They then put us up for an extra night to allow my BP to settle properly before allowing us to return home. Thank you Steve and Hannelie!

  9. Great Work as you said in your post. as Title.
    “Stress and How to Improve your Life, Improve your Mind ” you talk about health so I like it. Your work is fab. That’s a great info for us. I’m also working on health problems. you can see it otherwise your post is too good. Keep it up…

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