Age – Do our brains always deteriorate as we get older?

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We’re at the beginning of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

As described in my previous post, the theme I’m going with this year is, “Improve your Life ~ Improve your Mind.” You can read more at my Theme Reveal.

We commence the month by looking at

A for Aging – and if our brains automatically deteriorate with age.

According to studies, our brains become less and less active as we age. (Most of us in our second half of life don’t need studies! We know our brains are becoming less active on a regular basis.

“Brain aging is much more about our habits than our age”

according to Dr Daniel Amen, a psychiatrist and world expert in the area of brain development and damage. Over the next month, we’re going to look at different ways we can improve our lives as well as improve our minds. Obviously, if our minds are sharp, our bodies are likely to improve as well.  read more