A to Z 2018 Blogging Challenge List of Series

This entry is part 27 in the series Improve Your Life, Improve Your Mind

Theme for the month: Improve your Life, Improve Your Mind.


  • Theme Reveal: About the theme, Improve your Life, Improve your Mind.
  • A for Age. Read about how you can cut back on mental deterioration as you get older.
  • B for Brains. See how you can best improve the brain you have.
  • C for Care for and love your body and brain. Where are you falling short? How can you improve?
  • D for Dopamine. What does this do for you? And how can you counteract a shortage?
  • E for Exercise and how you can use it to improve your body and your mind.
  • F for Fitbit which has certainly turned my life around!
  • G for Genetics  which can be a death sentence or a wake up call for you. Which do you choose?
  • H for Hearing Loss. How good is your hearing? See how you can improve your hearing, your life and your mind.
  • I for Inflammation, Immunity and Infection and how you can avoid or deal with them.
  • J for Journal and ways you can use this to improve your life and your mind. 
  • K for Knowledge about ways to improve your life and improve your mind. 
  • L for Learn Something New every day and some suggestions how you can do this.
  • M for Music and ways it can improve your life and your mind. Fascinating study!

Then moving on through the alphabet:

  • N for Nourish your life which will in turn nourish your mind.
  • O for Opportunities! Life is full of them. Look out for ways to improve your life and mind.
  • P for Persevere if you genuinely want to improve your health and mind.
  • Q for Quiet and ways to find this necessary commodity in our lives.
  • R for Retirement – coming soon to a home near you! How to get the most out of it. 
  • S for Stress and the importance of handling it right. 
  • T for Thankfulness which can give you an attitude of gratitude and improve your life and mind.
  • U for Understanding  how important it is to look for ways to improve your life and your mind.
  • V for Variety, the spice of your life, and how to add this seasoning to improve your life and mind.
  • W for Water, it’s pros, its cons, and how to get the most out of it.
  • X for Xerosis, that pesky skin disorder most of us get at some point in time, and how to deal with it.
  • Y – now say YES! to going through these again next month and selecting the ones you’re going to tackle first!
  • Z is for Zipa-dee-doo-dah It’s over! And I’ve survived. Wonderful feeling! Wonderful day!

Thankfulness can Improve your life, Improve your Mind #atoz

This entry is part 21 in the series Improve Your Life, Improve Your Mind

Today, we reach the letter T in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. In the theme, Improve your Life, Improve your Mind, I’ve chosen T for Thankfulness

There is much that can be said for thankfulness and I’m not sure any of it is bad.  So much so that I’ve set myself a year-long challenge to keep recording thanks—2018 thanks in the year 2018 in fact. In order to get to 2018, I need to record 39 thanks per Thursday under the topic, Thankful Thursday. Although this has been somewhat difficult to keep up with during the A to Z challenge, I’m still on target, although there may be some necessary catch-up over the next couple of weeks.

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