Care for and Love your Body and Brain!

This entry is part 4 in the series Improve Your Life, Improve Your Mind

Hello everyone!

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C is for Care for and Love your Body and your Brain!

Doesn’t this sound a strange thing to suggest? Many of us were brought up to not love ourselves lest we be regarded as boastful. Often we heard (or used) the expression, “He so loves himself!” meaning it in the most derogatory fashion. 

And yet, if we don’t love ourselves and appreciate our bodies and minds, we will not care for them properly, and one day we’ll find ourselves in a whole heap of trouble, physically and mentally, because we failed to do so.

And that’s what this series is all about. During the month of April, we will be looking at different ways we can care better for our bodies and our brains! Some of the suggestions are obvious. Many we already know but we’ve disregarded them. Others may even surprise us. 

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