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I have a next door neighbor who insists he has no hearing problem, yet every now and then I overhear him saying in a loud voice to his mother, “Hey? What did you say? You need to speak up!”

As we get older, all too often we start saying, “What did you say?” Yet we don’t like to admit we have a hearing problem. Somehow there seems to be a stigma attached to hearing loss. How silly, when there’s a rough estimate that around 60% of people over 60 have some kind of hearing loss!

How to tell you have a hearing problem

  • If you’re aware people aren’t speaking clearly,
  • or you’re having problems following a conversation when several people are talking
  • or other family members (or neighbors!) keep complaining the TV is too loud,

consider this. Just maybe, it’s your hearing! Get your hearing checked.

My grandmother of eighty was forever complaining that “no one ever tells me anything!” . . . Until she learned she was almost completely deaf and needed a hearing aid. (One that used to whistle and crackle regularly!)

In favor of hearing aids:

Hearing aids are tiny and unobtrusive now. They’re no longer the crackly whistly types like my granny used.

Problems caused by hearing loss:

  • The obvious disadvantage is your social life that will suffer. 
  • Hearing loss left untreated also links to health issues like heart disease, dementia and depression.

A few tips to improve or protect your hearing:

  • Avoid ultra-loud music!
    • We live on a street frequented by taxis which drive down our road at all times of the day or night. Do you know that sometimes we feel the vibration of the beat of their music before we see the taxi?
    • We also often have students walking past outside our fence with their earphones in their ears. Wait for it! Sometimes we can HEAR their music from where we sit on our veranda. This is crazy. In another few years we’re going to have a generation of deaf people.
  • Avoid Cotton Buds
    • Your ears are built to clean themselves. If they get too waxed up, they might need a professional clean. But do not use ear buds! It’s impossible to tell how far you’re pushing, and you could cause severe damage.
  • Use Ear Plugs
    • To protect your hearing from noisy work places, rowdy concerts, even the lawnmower and certainly your electric drill!
  • Stay away from loud noises like loudspeakers or anything that makes your ears ring.
  • Keep Your Ears Dry
    • Too much moisture may allow bacteria to cause infections which can impact your hearing.
  • Report Tinnitus to the doctor and get it checked out.
    • This is a constant ringing in the ears. As the noise gets louder, we become deafer and deafer!
    • It can be caused by stress or anxiety so try and keep calm.
    • Try meditation, going for walks, get your blood pumping through various activities. Who would have thought that could help your hearing?

Get Checked Out

Here’s a quick three-minute hearing test by the same people who make and service my husband’s hearing aids.
It must be good! I did the test and it assured me I had very good hearing.

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