Zip-a-dee-deo-dah! Let’s Improve your Life, Improve your Mind #atoz

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And so we’ve come to the end of the

2018 A to Z Blogging Challenge.

My theme for the month of April has been Improve your Life, Improve your Mind. Have you enjoyed it? More importantly, have you benefited from the topics covered? I  want you to have a happy approach  to life.

My goal was to convince you (and me) that just because we’re getting older, or we’ve been dealt a bad hand genetically, does not mean we have to give up and have a miserable life. Yes, cells degenerate and bodies grow older. Minds take in so much information over an average number of years it’s no wonder why some information falls off the edge and we  find ourselves forgetting some memories. 

But here’s the happy news!

Where we can’t prevent ourselves getting older in years, many degenerative  situations can be either avoided, or even reverted. The key is to  be sure of our diagnosis first. So your memory isn’t what it used to be? Are you sure it’s because you’re growing old?  Do  you  fear you’re getting Alzheimer’s, because after all, it runs in the family? Well, maybe there’s nothing wrong with your mind. It may be another problem, one that can be rectified.

Maybe you can’t walk without puffing and gasping for breath. Who says that’s because you’re old? Maybe you have a heart defect that can be put right,  or maybe you’re  eating the wrong foods. 

Perhaps you’ve developed a tremor and you’re terrified you have Parkinson’s. It could be that you have a shortage of dopamine or an over-active thyroid, both of which can be rectified.  Maybe you’re dizzy, have low blood pressure, and feel really ill. You know you’ve got something  terminal. Maybe. But maybe you just need to drink more water! 

Not every sign of getting old is an irreversible issue. It could be something totally treatable. Be sure of your facts before you write yourself off as old or ill. #atoz Click To Tweet

That’s all I’ve been trying  to  tell you this  month.  Get to know your body and your mind. Make the best of your life you can . . . and be happy! Sing along with this song that sums up the whole theme and  conveniently begins with Z!

Have a wonderful day, and a wonderful life.

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