True Encouragement

Sunrays through CloudYou must encourage one another each day. And you must keep on
while there is still a time that can be called ‘today’Hebrew 3:13 CEV.

I appeared to be losing my fight against cancer. Despite a supportive husband and loving kids, I felt alone. I couldn’t share the emotions of my heart without causing them distress. I had served God most of my life. Where was He now that I really needed Him? Friends came to encourage—but over and over I heard the message: “Have faith. Trust God. You’re going to be fine.”

Their words failed to encourage. They actually upset me. Did my friends think I had no faith? I ached for someone who would understand and come alongside me without offering empty promises or unwanted counsel. In my loneliness I turned to God’s Word and looked at the book of Job. I read of a godly man driven to despair. His friends were quick to tell him where he’d gone wrong, eager to give advice. He didn’t need their words. He needed their support.

I realized that my strength could not come from my human support group. Only God could bring me through this difficult time. Whether I was to live or to die, He would provide my strength. I needed my companions to be there for me, showing their love in practical ways.

PRAYER: Lord, fill my heart with understanding for those who suffer. Help me offer them companionship and practical help, rather than empty words.  

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